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Thursday, November 9, 2017


It’s Julie, Business Manager at Boggs Automotive!! I hope everyone is doing well!

I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed on something new we are trying at the shop. Part of my job as a Boggs Automotive Crew member is to find ways to help spread the word about our fantastic small but mighty business! There are a few significant areas I am trying to tackle and I could greatly use your help!

Our areas of concern are:
  • There is a myth around town that we need to crush into the ground. The misconception is that when Butch left us here on earth to spend an eternity in heaven racing on the track, the shop closed. We need to let the community know the doors at Boggs Automotive never closed! We are OPEN!  In fact, we will be forever grateful to Eldon for running the shop all by himself for a few months until the transition was complete. I cannot imagine how much strength and dedication it took that man to walk into that shop every day while he was grieving the loss of his best friend/mentor. Respect isn’t a strong enough word to use when describing how we feel about Eldon.
  • Secondly, there are still lots of people throughout the community who do not know about Boggs Automotive! This surprises me as it has been around for 25 years!
What are we doing to spread the word?

When Andy and I stepped out of our comfort zone and took a leap of faith to carry on Butch’s legacy, we had our heart set on not increasing the labor rate or pricing structure and making sure Eldon was taken care of for all the blood, sweat, tears and years he’s put into this place. At the same time, we wanted to find ways to fine tune what Butch had built. Those areas include:

  • A new sign on the front of the building
  • Making the sign design our signature logo and incorporating it into the development of our website, uniforms, and business cards
  • Hiring the infamous John Coffey to be the Service Manager at Boggs Automotive. John previously worked at Lakeside Chevy and is a wealth of knowledge! John works at the front counter, answering the phone, and preparing estimates. Such a great dude! We appreciate his pleasant and polite personality.
  • Transitioning the office area at Boggs into a waiting room for customers
  • Developing a website which includes details on all of the services we provide and a contact form for those who like to reach out for quotes or appointments online… an alternative to calling us on the phone
  • Creating an electronic customer data base to house all the historical information on clients and work they’ve had done on their vehicles
  • Trying our hand at a few local radio commercials. Late summer, we had a commercial on Willie 103.5 and we currently have a winter commercial on WRSW 107.3. For the entire year, you can also hear us on News Now Warsaw 1480 AM / 99.7 FM
  • We have also partnered with a company called SnapNation. SnapNation is a mobile advertising company. If you take a look at our “About Us” section of the website, you will see a few videos. Stop over and take a look at what current customers have to say about Boggs Automotive. 
  • Offering a few discounts:
    • DePuy Synthes – 10% off total invoice
    • Zimmer Biomet – 10% off total invoice
    • Flexaust – 10% off total invoice
  • Giving back to the community:
    • Claypool Elementary – Let us know if you are a parent who’s child attends Claypool Elementary or you are a staff member. When you have vehicle repairs done at Boggs Automotive, we will donate 5% of your total bill to Claypool PTO. We’ve had 2 parents this school year who have stopped into the shop and we have accumulated $31.46 for Claypool PTO. I would LOVE to make this number much higher!
how can you help?

We would truly appreciate any of your help with the following:

  • Help us build an online presence by submitting a review on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor or leave us a Video Review! 
    • Call the Review Hotline (574-821-4438) and Text G for Google, Y for Yelp, V for Video Review or T for Trip Advisor! 
  • Spread the word about our discounts! We have seen multiple FlexAust and Zimmer Biomet employees take advantage of this discount. We would love to start seeing some DePuy Synthes employees as well! Unfortunately for large companies such as DePuy Synthes, there are restrictions in regards to delivering this discount information so word of mouth is all we’ve got!
  • Let us know if you would like to contribute to Claypool Elementary PTO as well! We would love to help their school.
Stay tuned for….

If you’ve stopped in the shop since we have been electronically keeping track of our client base, we are working on a way to say THANK YOU for stopping in and for trusting us with your vehicle repairs! Stay tuned for that!


Have a great week!



  1. Butch Boggs was a great person who always treated people very well!
    Besides being an putting racer,he was a great mechanic!
    Butch left a legacy with his family and they all followed and continue in that legacy…they are outstanding people!
    The service is second to none…your in great hands if you take your vehicle there!!! I recommend it!!!

  2. We have been at Boggs for at least 20 yrs or more. They are great. Work is awesome they are honest get you right in . And let you know what is wrong before they fix it. They will give you their honest opinion even if its not what you want to here. You won’t get better service than at Boggs Automotive

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