Eldon Long

Head Mechanic

From a very young age, Eldon Long grew up around cars and has always had a knack for being mechanically inclined. He began learning about automotive repair while shadowing his father who was a career mechanic.

Racing has also always been in Eldon’s blood. As he grew into a young adult, his knowledge of vehicle repair also expanded into dirt track racing while spending countless weekends with his father at Warsaw Speedway. Eldon got to know Butch Boggs, founder of Boggs Automotive, at Warsaw Speedway as a kid. In early 1996, Butch who had recently opened Boggs Automotive, asked Eldon to work for him. Eldon will never forget his first job. He replaced an engine in a Chevy Cavalier.

Eldon spent 20 years working with Butch at Boggs Automotive and credits Butch for teaching him everything he knows. Butch was like family to Eldon. They also shared the love of racing together and Eldon has continued that legacy with Boggs Long Racing.

Boggs Automotive has become a second home to Eldon. He is a very loyal, trustworthy and devoted employee who is truly one of a kind. He worked alone from December 2016 through March 2017 to keep Boggs Automotive open until Andy and Julie Tuinstra became owners. Eldon is looking forward to working another 20+ years at Boggs Automotive with the Tuinstra’s, committed to keep carrying on the checkered flag in honor of Butch.

Boggs Automotive is very thankful and appreciative for Eldon. He is incredibly talented and we are convinced he is the best mechanic in Kosciusko County. He is an expert at engine replacement and can complete the repairs with speed and accuracy.