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Posted by: Boggs 7 days ago

As temperatures start to rise, reliance on car air conditioning also increases. Unfortunately, it’s easy to run your AC system to the ground if you don’t take care of it. We’re sharing some of our mechanic’s favorite tips that can help keep your car’s air conditioning system running smoothly all summer long.

Check The Refrigerant

The refrigerant is an important part of any vehicle’s AC system. If your car’s air conditioning isn’t as cold as it used to be, it’s possible there is a leak or other underlying conditions related to the AC system. It’s a good idea to get this system checked regularly to avoid ruining your AC.

Avoid Pre-Cooling Your Vehicle

As tempting as it is to pre-start your car and run the air conditioning before you even get into the vehicle, this can begin to damage your car’s air conditioning system. Your AC runs most efficiently when you’re driving, so pre-cooling your car does more damage than good. 

If you want to get the warm air out on brutally hot days, open the back windows for a few seconds while running your air on high once the car is moving.

Regularly Change The AC Filter

Cabin air filters keep dirt and debris from entering your vehicle through the AC system. These filters should be replaced every 15,000 miles to ensure they’re still doing their job. Sometimes the time between replacements can vary but there are other signs that point to when you should get the filter changed.

  1. Reduced airflow within your vehicle
  2. Lingering unpleasant odors
  3. Abnormal dust or debris building up inside your vehicle

If you have your oil changed regularly with us at Boggs Automotive or Boggs Pit Stop, our technicians will check your air filter as part of your service.

Use The Coldest Setting

It’s proven that setting your car’s temperature at the lowest setting is better for your system than adjusting the temperature often. This is because most systems will cool your car to a certain temperature and then stop. Once you hit that temperature, if you turn the temperature of your air up, your heater will kick on. This is bad for your fuel efficiency. 

Instead of changing the temperature, just set your AC to the lowest setting and adjust the fans. You can even turn the fans away from you if it gets too chilly.

Park In The Shade

This may be a practice you do in warmer climates anyway, but it’s always a great idea to park in the shade during the summer to reduce the cabin temperature before you get into the car. The cooler you can keep your car’s cabin, the less your air conditioning system has to work.

Boggs Is Here To Help With Your AC Needs!

Whether you need an air conditioner recharge or a whole new system, our experts here at Boggs have you covered.
We’re proud to be available as your local full-service car repair and maintenance shop with two convenient locations in Warsaw. We also have free pick-up available with our Boggs Driver service for oil changes and preventative maintenance services.

No appointment is necessary for oil changes at Boggs Pit Stop or Boggs Automotive, so you can just stop by! If you’d like to schedule any other car repair services, just click below to give us a call.