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Posted by: Boggs 9 months ago

Routine inspection and vehicle maintenance are just as important for fleet vehicles as it is for your personal car or truck. Whether your business relies on delivery vans, heavy-duty trucks, or a large convoy full of a variety of vehicle types, skipping regular maintenance can be a huge risk.

Putting off regular maintenance services leads to accidents, more extensive and costly repairs, and the inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns.

At Boggs, we can help you take care of your fleet vehicles on a routine maintenance and inspection schedule. We make it easy to ensure your fleet is always ready to take on the road. Click below to get started!

Safety Is The #1 Concern

Fleet vehicles are on the road more often than your average car or truck. Most are driving long distances for extended time periods. By ensuring you keep your fleet vehicles on a regular maintenance and inspection schedule, you can identify and fix potential safety issues before they become larger problems.

Doing so not only protects your vehicle and can save you money in the long run, but helps ensure the safety of the cargo your fleet transports and those driving your vehicles.

Efficiency Is Important

Being able to deliver your products and services on time as promised to your customers is essential. Fleet vehicles that are properly maintained will run more efficiently, enabling you to lower overhead costs and ensure you meet delivery deadlines.

Make Your Vehicles Last Longer

Replacing fleet vehicles is expensive, so why not make them last as long as possible? Just like for your average car or truck, sticking to a regular maintenance schedule for your fleet vehicles is essential to keeping them on the road for years.

Engines, brake systems, and more last longer and suffer less wear and tear when they’re taken care of regularly.

Meet Legal Requirements

Depending on the way your fleet operates, there can be legal implications for a lack of consistent maintenance. Most fleet managers know they are required to stick to a specific maintenance schedule. If they don’t, they risk fines, legal complications, or even have to suspend their operations.

Keep Your Fleet Safe On The Road With Boggs Automotive

By prioritizing regular fleet vehicle maintenance, businesses can ensure their vehicles operate at the highest performance level while also providing reliable service.

We’re proud to be your local full-service car repair and maintenance shop with two convenient locations in Warsaw. We also have free pick-up available with our Boggs Driver service for oil changes and preventative maintenance services.

No appointment is necessary for oil changes at Boggs Pit Stop or Boggs Automotive, so you can just stop by! If you’d like to schedule any other car repair services, just click below to give us a call.