Meet Andy Tuinstra

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fun Facts about Andy

  • Born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin (Home of the Racine Belles in A League of Their Own)
  • He is the third child out of 4. He has two older brothers and a younger sister.
  • Devout Green Bay Packers Fan! Go Pack!
  • Still a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, but they’re more frustrating to watch.
  • Drinks large amounts of sparkling water while he works… Eldon finds this humorous.
  • Loves living on a mini hobby farm with a 50 x 60 garden, fruit trees and chickens. Some family members call him “Farmer Andy” after his Grandpa Tuinstra who was a dairy farmer in Wisconsin.
  • Does not like mushrooms!
  • Met his wife on a blind date that his parents set up! (They said she had a cute southern accent… but she’s from Indiana!)
  • Andy is 6’6″ and wears a size 15 shoe… finding pants for him in a small town is quite difficult. Thankful for Big R!
  • Very laid back and quiet…but I’ll give you a few conversation starters: football or politics
  • Loves being a small business owner and working on vehicles. He is one happy dude in the shop!
  • He and his wife Julie have two children. Morgan is 11 and Max is 9.
  • Andy and Julie have been licensed foster parents since April 2016. They have had their first placement since July 2016.
  • A very loyal man and hard worker… yet he finds a balance between work and family. Andy loves to travel and go on vacation.
  • He also really enjoys camping… in a trailer with amenities like a hotel. Air conditioning, a real bed and a bathroom are a must! One of his favorite camping trips was visiting Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum in Kentucky this past summer.
  • On the weekends, Andy enjoys smoking meat in his electric smoker. YUM… the favorite so far is smoked baby back ribs.
  • After a long day at the shop, you can find Andy kicked back in his recliner at home… watching some action movie on TV or taking a little nap.


We hope you enjoy learning about Andy on a more personal level… stay tuned for Fun Facts on our next staff member!

The Boggs Automotive Crew