Meet Julie Tuinstra

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

fun facts about Julie

  • Married to Andy Tuinstra, Julie is the Business Manager of Boggs Automotive. She handles all of the behind the scenes business work including payroll, bookkeeping, marketing… and keeping the lights on.
  • Born and raised in Warsaw, Indiana, Orthopaedic Capital of the World, it is hard to find one of her family members who have not worked in orthopaedics!
  • Julie was a Madison Cardinal, graduated from Warsaw Community High School and has a B.S. in Science from Grace College
  • She worked at DePuy Synthes as a Sterilization Scientist in Sterilization and Microbiology from 1999 through 2015.
  • In 2015, Julie began working remotely for NAMSA, based out of Golden Valley, Minnesota as a Medical Research Manager, assisting medical device manufacturers in validating their non-sterile reusable surgical devices for cleanability and sterilization before submitting to the FDA for approval to the market.
  • Julie is a kind-hearted and passionate individual. She is an extrovert and enjoys being around people.
  • She is motivated to help people and tries to make a positive impact in the community whenever possible.
  • Julie does love being a scientist but her favorite job of all is being a mother including foster parenting.
  • Ever since she can remember, Julie has a horrible habit of biting her fingernails.
  • In her spare time, Julie loves canning, tending to her garden, and raising chickens. She also loves to crochet and sew.
  • Unlike her husband, Julie is not a fan of watching TV… in fact, Julie sometimes has a hard time relaxing. She is always doing something to keep her mind occupied. She does enjoy reading.
  • Julie loves going on vacation. Some of her favorite vacation destinations are Hawaii and Jamaica.
  • Julie loves being a part of Boggs Automotive even though she doesn’t know much about cars! She enjoys putting her creative touches on the business including developing a new logo, updating the website and remodeling┬áthe waiting room area.


You may not see Julie in the shop very often, but if you do… introduce yourself! She would love to meet you and hear your story. Thanks for checking out Fun Facts on this staff member!

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