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Posted by: Boggs 3 years ago

Watching your best friend try new things with their life, takes on an interesting perspective. You get to see the laughter, the joy, the tears, the heartache and even the agony of feeling defeated at times. The behind the scenes of owning a business is far different than the highlight reels the general public sees.

For those that may not know, my name is Josh Schmucker. Julie and I have been friends for over 20 years now. Her and Andy have watched me go through, and helped me through, more in my life than I could ever thank them enough for. At one point, I wasn’t sure we’d ever speak again, due to the extreme role alcoholism had played and taken out of our friendship. But to be able to rebuild that bridge and re-establish that connection, means a lot to me!

When Julie messaged me about the possibility of buying Boggs Automotive, after Butch passed away, I was intrigued, but not surprised. I knew Andy was a mechanic and had dreams and ambitions of one day owning his own shop. What I didn’t have in mind, was that it would be like right now.

Anyone in their mid to late 30’s can probably relate with me. You don’t feel almost 40, and at times, there’s these feelings of…

“Wait…what? I have friends with kids graduating from high school and have friends leaving very successful jobs to own their own business? When did I get old?”

I’m not sure if old is even the right word. More like…

“I don’t feel 38, but the mirror and everything going on around me, reminds me that I am” lol.

In the simplest of explanations, the incredible leap of faith I’ve seen personally from Julie and Andy Tuinstra, has been humbling and life changing. It isn’t easy to completely put things in God’s hands and have faith that the bills are going to get paid every month. The little things that people may not know, is how much they care about their employees and their customers. For instance, rarely does Andy even get a paycheck. Each and every employee is taken care of before he is. Julie works two jobs upstairs at Boggs Pit Stop, and puts out more fires in a day than the NYFD. It isn’t all glitz and glam for sure!

I’ve had the privilege of seeing them grow from one small business, into two. Growing as a family with two children, multiple foster children at times, and juggling a schedule not even the most talented of circus clowns could handle. Boggs Automotive at its core, is all about giving back. Giving back to the community that’s given the Tuinstra family so much over the years. It’s also about continuing legacies. The Boggs Automotive legacy and now, the Silveus family’s Pit Stop legacy.

From a friend’s perspective, I am both honored and blessed, not only to be an employee, but to have a front row seat, on what I am sure will be, one heck of a ride for Julie, Andy and everyone else on board. Life is about community, genuine friendships, integrity and treating others the way you would want to be treated. And that’s DEFINITELY what Boggs Automotive, Boggs Pit Stop and the Tuinstras are all about.